Thursday, January 5, 2012

60 Famous Movie Actors Who Appeared In The "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" TV Series 1955-1963

This list is especially interesting for the inclusion of many actors who would become mega-stars later in the 60’s and in the 70’s (Steve McQueen, Robert Redford, Roger Moore, Burt Reynolds etc ). These would have been amongst their very earliest appearances on screen.

  1. Angie Dickinson
  2. Ann Todd
  3. Barbara Bel Geddes
  4. Ben Johnson
  5. Bette Davis
  6. Brandon De Wilde
  7. Bruce Dern
  8. Burt Reynolds
  9. Charles Bronson
  10. Christopher Lee
  11. Claude Rains
  12. Cloris Leachman
  13. Dean Stockwell
  14. Denholm Elliott
  15. Dennis Weaver
  16. Diana Dors
  17. Dick Van Dyke
  18. E. G. Marshall
  19. Ed Begley
  20. Elisha Cook Jr.
  21. Everett Sloane
  22. Fay Wray
  23. Franchot Tone
  24. Gena Rowlands
  25. George Peppard
  26. Harry Dean Stanton
  27. Herbert Marshall
  28. Hume Cronyn
  29. Jane Greer
  30. Jayne Mansfield
  31. Jessica Tandy
  32. Joanne Woodward
  33. John Cassavetes
  34. Joseph Cotten
  35. Laurence Harvey
  36. Leslie Nielsen
  37. Martin Balsam
  38. Mary Astor
  39. Michael Rennie
  40. Murray Hamilton
  41. Peter Falk
  42. Peter Lawford
  43. Peter Lorre
  44. Raymond Massey
  45. Richard Chamberlain
  46. Robert Culp
  47. Robert Duvall
  48. Robert Newton
  49. Robert Redford
  50. Robert Vaughn
  51. Roger Moore
  52. Scatman Crothers
  53. Cedric Hardwicke
  54. Steve McQueen
  55. Sydney Pollack
  56. Thelma Ritter
  57. Vera Miles
  58. Vincent Price
  59. Walter Matthau
  60. William Shatner



  1. That’s so awesome to see that whole list like that, one legend after another. This show was such a HUGE part of my childhood…my mom and I, we’d sit up late at night and watch Alfred Hitchcock Presents. I’ve been able to kind of relive that a little bit by watching the show at, they have over 150 episodes so I saw a ton I hadn’t seen before, my old favorites, and the ones I’d forgot about. As a DISH customer I get free access as part of my regular service, and as a DISH employee, I’ve been watching these on my lunchbreak, too!

  2. Hi elias26, yeah it was a great show. Thanks for the comment.