Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Chronicle (Josh Trank, 2012): 9 Screenshots

I was surprised by how excellent this film was. The director and all the actors were completely unknown to me and so often these sci-fi or horror pics from untested quarters prove to be a drag. But I think I haven't had such fun with a telekinetic story since I was 10 and saw 'Escape to Witch Mountain'. This is a darker film than that, not really for kids, but then my tastes have changed in the last 35 years...  I really like the way the film cleverly uses the fact that its leads are just callow, irresponsible teenagers (well, some of them are). It doesn't just dump such characters on us as so many films do; it effectively explores their psychology and gets us to sympathize with them. 

Here are just a few pics taken from the trailer. Left-click once on any image to enlarge.

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