Wednesday, June 6, 2012

F for Fake (Orson Welles, 1974): 67 Screenshots

Orson Welles is often talked about as one of the 5 or so greatest directors of all time. If he is, he's done few great films to show for it, certainly compared with the likes of Hitchcock, Hawks, Ford, Kurosawa or Bergman. I think the fact that he was so incredibly likeable, a charming actor and a great talker on chat shows (along with James Mason, he had one of the greatest ever speaking voices of course) masks the fact that he made few masterpieces as director. There's only Citizen Kane, Touch of Evil, perhaps The Trial and...? I wouldn't include The Magnificent Ambersons, which I think is boring after the first 15 minutes. The Lady from Shanghai, Mr.Arkadin and Chimes at Midnight are good but not great. More than any other great director, of course, he was beset by financing problems and had many, many unfinished films.  Anyway, I recently saw F For Fake for the first time, and I must say it's definitely one of his better ones: thoroughly enjoyable and well worth watching. 

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