Friday, June 1, 2012

The Servant (Joseph Losey, 1963) : 89 Screenshots

It seems that virtually every shot of The Servant was carefully composed to contrast the characters and emphasise the power relationships between them, so I took plenty of screenshots while I was watching it. This film is by far and away Joseph Losey's best. Have a look down through these pictures and you'll see that it's got more deep focus images than Citizen Kane  (the technique was developed by Gregg Toland on Kane to make items in the foreground and items in the distant background equally clear in the frame). 

It's also interesting that nearly all the shots from outside the house show extremely cold weather. I guess this film was made in the famously sub-zero UK winter of 1962-1963, one of the coldest ever recorded and the one in which Sylvia Plath killed herself: There must have been something in the air at that time. It seems to inform the dark and twisted mood of this brilliant film.

Left-click once on any image to enlarge.

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