Monday, August 13, 2012

Some Arguments I Have with Roger Ebert's 'Four Star Reviews 1967-2007'

I like Roger Ebert a lot, but four stars is his top ranking and in his book 'Four Star Reviews 1967-2007' these are some of the films that get it:

About Last Night
The American President
Angel at My Table
The Blair Witch Project
Changing Lanes
The Cotton Club
Dead Again
Driving Miss Daisy
Finian’s Rainbow
Grey Gardens
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner

Come on, Roger. Surely not? Is Frailty or Changing Lanes or Dead Again or Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner really deserving of the highest rating, up there alongside Citizen Kane and The Godfather? Somehow I doubt it. And the funny thing is: whilst the first thing to strike you may be that Ebert recommends banal Hollywood products like The American President, Driving Miss Daisy and Finian’s Rainbow, it’s the ‘arty’ films in the list above - Babel, Interiors, Danton, etc - that are actually worse.

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