Friday, October 19, 2012

World Cinema Guide: Netherlands (24 Greatest Films 1929-2005)

When I say ‘greatest’ in the title above I mean ‘most critically acclaimed, based on a consensus of opinion’ and for details of how I established that - and why this list only goes up to 2005 - please see ‘World Cinema Guide: Introduction’. 

In the alphabetical table of contents at the right you will also find similar lists for other countries: World Cinema Guide China, World Cinema Guide France, World Cinema Guide Germany etc

Note that within this list there is in effect a ‘best of the best’ list: the most critically acclaimed 10-20% of films from this country are marked with a *.

1958 The Village on the River (Fons Rademakers)
1972 Ape and Super-Ape (Bert Haanstra)
1973 Turkish Delight* (Paul Verhoeven)
1977 Soldier of Orange* (Paul Verhoeven)
1979 In for Treatment (Marja Kok, Erik Van Zuylen)
1980 Spetters (Paul Verhoeven)
1982 A Question of Silence (Marleen Gorris)
1983 The Fourth Man* (Paul Verhoeven)
1984 The Illusionist (Jos Stelling)
1985 Flesh & Blood* (Paul Verhoeven)
1986 Abel (Alex Van Warmerdam)
1986 The Assault* (Fons Rademakers)
1988 The Vanishing* (George Sluizer)
1988 The Wind (Joris Ivens)
1992 The Northerners (Alan Van Warmerdam)
1995 Antonia's Line* (Marleen Gorris)
1995 Little Sister (Robert Jan Westdijk)
1995 Long Live the Queen (Esme Lammers)
1997 All Stars (Jean van de Velde)
1997 Karakter* (Mike Van Diem)
2000 The Long Holiday (Johan Van Der Keuken)
2001 Zus & Zo (Paula Van Der Oest)
2002 Twin Sisters (Ben Sombogaart)
2004 Simon (Eddy Terstall)

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