Thursday, December 15, 2011

20 Movies about Foreigners in Italy (with Video)

1.  The American (US, 2010) An American hitman hides out in rural Italy
2.  The Belly of An Architect (UK, 1987) An American architect goes to Rome
3.  Certified Copy (Fr, 2010) A British writer and a French antiques dealer in Tuscany
4.  Death in Venice (It, 1971) An elderly German man becomes obsessed with a teenaged boy in Venice
5.  Don’t Look Now (UK, 1973) A British couple go to Venice after their young daughter’s death
6.  The English Patient (UK, 1996) A badly-burned Hungarian is cared for by a French-Canadian Nurse in an Italian Monastery during World War Two
7.  Genova (UK, 2007) A man moves from the US to Italy with his two daughters after the death of his wife
8.  The Italian Job (UK, 1969) A gang of British thieves pull a heist in Turin
9.  Nostalghia (Rus, 1983) A Russian writer travels to Italy
10.Roman Holiday (US, 1953) The princess of an unspecified country and an American reporter meet in Rome
11.A Room With A View (UK, 1985) English tourists on holiday in Italy during Edwardian times
12.Stealing Beauty (It, 1996) A young American girl stays in the Tuscan villa of family friends
13.Stromboli (It, 1950) A Lithuanian woman marries an Italian and moves to his home island
14.Summertime (US, 1955) An American woman on holiday in Venice
15.The Talented Mr. Ripley (US, 1999)/Plein Soleil (1960) Americans in Italy in the 1950s
16.Tea With Mussolini (UK, 1999) A young boy in Florence is guided through life by various English and American women in the 30’s and 40’s
17.Three Coins in the Fountain (US, 1954) Three American girls look for romance in Rome
18.Under the Tuscan Sun (US, 2003) An Amercian writer goes to Italy after a divorce
19.Von Ryan’s Express (US, 1965) American and British POWs in Italy during World War Two
20.Voyage in Italy (It, 1954) An English couple on holiday in Naples and Pompeii

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