Sunday, January 1, 2012

70 Surprising Birthplaces of Movie Actors And Directors

This is a list of film people not born in the country with which most people associate them. I haven’t included anyone born in Canada because they're in a separate list

There are those that definitely qualify because they seem to have nothing to do with their country of birth: Keanu Reeves/Lebanon, Hugo Weaving/Nigeria, etc. Other than that, what exactly is surprising may be open to argument. However, one important criterion I’ve used to make decisions is accent. If a person’s voice gives no indication of their birthplace- usually a sign that they grew up somewhere else- then that birthplace is surprising. So Arnold Schwarzenegger is not included, because everyone knows he’s Austrian just from the way he sounds, but Famke Janssen doesn’t sound particularly Dutch, Audrey Hepburn never sounded Belgian, and Sam Neill certainly doesn’t sound Irish, so these three are included.  
  1. Agnes Varda: Brussels
  2. Amy Adams: Vicenza, Italy
  3. Andy Garcia: Havana, Cuba
  4. Ann Margret: Sweden
  5. Anna Karina: Copenhagen
  6. Anthony Quinn: Chihuahua, Mexico
  7. Atom Egoyan: Cairo
  8. Audrey Hepburn: Brussels
  9. Barbet Schroeder: Iran
  10. Basil Rathbone: Johannesburg
  11. Bruce Willis: Idar-Oberstein, West Germany
  12. Carroll Baker: Johannesburg
  13. Charlize Theron: South Africa
  14. Claude Rains: London
  15. Claudette Colbert: Paris
  16. Claudia Cardinale: Tunisia
  17. Daniel Auteuil: Algeria
  18. Delphine Seyrig: Beirut
  19. Dominic Monaghan: Berlin
  20. Eddie Izzard: Aden, Yemen
  21. Edward G. Robinson: Bucharest, Romania
  22. Edward Yang: Shanghai
  23. Emma Watson: Paris
  24. Errol Flynn: Tasmania
  25. Famke Janssen: Holland
  26. Frank Darabont: Doubs, France 
  27. Frank Oz: Hereford, UK
  28. Franklin J. Schaffner: Tokyo
  29. George Sanders: St Petersburg, Russia
  30. Googie Withers: Karachi
  31. Guy Hamilton: Paris
  32. Guy Pearce: Cambridgeshire, UK
  33. Hugo Weaving: Nigeria
  34. Ida Lupino: London
  35. Isla Fisher: Oman
  36. Jean Reno: Casablanca, Morocco
  37. Joan Fontaine: Tokyo
  38. Joaquin Phoenix: Puerto Rico
  39. John Leguizamo: Bogota, Colombia
  40. Julie Christie: Assam, India
  41. Keanu Reeves: Beirut
  42. Kiefer Sutherland: London
  43. Kim Cattrell: Liverpool, UK
  44. Laurence Harvey: Lithuania
  45. Lindsay Anderson: Bangalore, India
  46. Liv Ullman: Tokyo
  47. Margaret Lockwood: Karachi
  48. Martin Lawrence: Frankfurt, Germany
  49. Mel Gibson: New York
  50. Merle Oberon:Tasmania
  51. Michael Radford: Delhi
  52. Mike Figgis: Kenya
  53. Mila Kunis: Kiev, Ukraine
  54. Natalie Portman: Jerusalem
  55. Nicole Kidman: Hawaii
  56. Olivia De Havilland: Tokyo
  57. Ray Milland: Neath, Wales
  58. Richard Curtis: New Zealand
  59. Richard E. Grant: Swaziland
  60. Roman Polanski: Paris
  61. Ruth Prawer Jhabvala: Cologne, Germany
  62. Sacha Guitry: St Petersburg, Russia
  63. Sam Neill: Northern Ireland
  64. Sam Worthington: Surrey, UK
  65. Saoirse Ronan: New York
  66. Simone Signoret: Wiesbaden, Germany
  67. Terence Young: Shanghai
  68. Toshiro Mifune: Tsing-Tao, China
  69. Vivien Leigh: Darjeeling, India
  70. Yves Montand: Tuscany, Italy

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