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World Cinema Guide: Spain (96 Greatest Films 1929-2005)

When I say ‘greatest’ in the title above I mean ‘most critically acclaimed, based on a consensus of opinion’ and for details of how I established that - and why this list only goes up to 2005 - please see ‘World Cinema Guide: Introduction’.

In the alphabetical table of contents at the right you will also find similar lists for other countries: World Cinema Guide China, World Cinema Guide France, World Cinema Guide Germany etc

Note that within this list there is in effect a ‘best of the best’ list: the most critically acclaimed 10-20% of films from this country are marked with a *.

1932 Land Without Bread (Luis Bunuel)
1943 Eloisa Is Underneath an Almond Tree (Rafael Gil)
1951 Furrows (Jose Antonio Nieves Conde)
1952 Welcome Mr. Marshall (Luis Garcia Berlanga)
1953 Bienvenido Mister Marshall (Luis Garcia Berlanga)
1955 Death of a Cyclist* (Juan Antonio Bardem)
1955 The Miracle of Marcelino (Ladislao Vajda)
1956 Calle Mayor (Juan Antonio Bardem)
1959 El Lazarillo De Tormes* (Fernandez Ardavin)
1959 The Wheelchair (Marco Ferreri)
1960 Los Golfos (Carlos Saura)
1961 Viridiana* (Luis Bunuel)
1963 Los Tarantos (Francisco Rovira Beleta)
1964 Not on Your Life (Luis Garcia Berlanga)
1965 Fata Morgana* (Vicente Aranda)
1966 The Hunt* (Carlos Saura)
1967 Dante Is Not Only Severe (Joaquin Jorda)
1967 Each Time That... (Carlos Duran)
1967 Peppermint Frappe* (Carlos Saura)
1970 The Garden of Delights (Carlos Saura)
1970 Tristana* (Luis Bunuel)
1972 Ana and the Wolves (Carlos Saura)
1972 My Dearest Senorita (Jaime De Arminan)
1973 La Prima Angelica (Carlos Saura)
1973 Spirit of the Beehive* (Victor Erice)
1975 Furtivos* (Jose Luis Borau)
1976 Cria* (Carlos Saura)
1976 The Disenchantment (Jaime Chavarri)
1978 The National Shotgun (Luis Garcia Berlanga)
1978 Trout* (Jose Luis Garcia Sanchez)
1979 Dos (Alvaro Del Amo)
1979 Mama Turns a Hundred* (Carlos Saura)
1980 Arrebato (Ivan Zulueta)
1980 Deprisa, Deprisa * (Carlos Saura)
1980 Pepi, Luci, Bom (Pedro Almodovar)
1981 Blood Wedding* (Carlos Saura)
1981 National Patrimony (Luis Garcia Berlanga)
1982 Demons in the Garden (Manuel Gutierrez Aragon)
1982 Labyrinth of Passion (Pedro Almodovar)
1982 The Beehive* (Mario Camus)
1982 To Begin Again (Jose Luis Garci)
1983 Carmen* (Carlos Saura)
1983 El Sur (Victor Erice)
1984 The Holy Innocents (Mario Camus)
1984 What Have I Done to Deserve This? (Pedro Almodovar)
1985 Beyond the Walls (Miguel Picazo)
1985 Our Father (Francisco Regueiro)
1986 El Amor (Carlos Saura)
1986 Half of Heaven (Manuel Gutierrez Aragon)
1986 Matador* (Pedro Almodovar)
1986 Voyage to Nowhere (Fernando Fernan Gomez)
1987 Law of Desire (Pedro Almodovar)
1987 Run for Your Life (Vicente Aranda)
1988 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown* (Pedro Almodovar)
1989 Esquilache (Joaquin Molina, Josefina Molina)
1990 Ay, Carmela!* (Carlos Saura)
1990 Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (Pedro Almodovar)
1991 High Heels (Pedro Almodovar)
1991 Lovers (Vicente Aranda)
1992 Belle Epoque* (Fernando Trueba)
1992 Jamon, Jamon (Bigas Luna)
1992 The Quince Tree Sun* (Victor Erice)
1993 Golden Balls (Bigas Luna)
1993 La Madre Muerta (Juanma Bajo Ulloa)
1993 The Red Squirrel* (Julio Medem)
1994 Running Out of Time (Imanol Uribe)
1995 The Flower of My Secret (Pedro Almodovar)
1995 Thesis* (Alejandro Amenabar)
1996 Tierra (Julio Medem)
1997 Live Flesh* (Pedro Almodovar)
1997 Open Your Eyes* (Alejandro Amenabar)
1997 Perdita Durango (Alex De La Iglesia)
1997 Secrets of the Heart* (Montxo Armendariz)
1998 Lovers of the Arctic Circle* (Julio Medem)
1998 The Grandfather (Jose Luis Garci)
1999 All about My Mother* (Pedro Almodovar)
1999 Solas (Benito Zambrano)
2000 El Bola (Achero Manas)
2000 Kilometre Zero (Yolanda Garcia Serrano, Juan Luis Iborra)
2000 La Comunidad (Alex De La Iglesia)
2000 Leo (Jose Luis Borau)
2000 To Die (Or Not) (Ventura Pons)
2001 En Construccion (Jose Luis Guerin)
2001 Ten Days Without Love (Miguel Albaladejo)
2001 The Others* (Alejandro Amenabar)
2002 Mondays in the Sun (Fernando Leon De Aranoa)
2002 Sex and Lucia (Julio Medem)
2002 Talk to Her* (Pedro Almodovar)
2003 South from Granada (Fernando Colomo)
2003 Take My Eyes* (Iciar Bollain)
2003 Torremolinos 73* (Pablo Berger)
2004 Bad Education* (Pedro Almodovar)
2004 Ferpect Crime (Alex De La Iglesia)
2004 Only Human (Dominic Harari, Teresa Pelegri)
2004 The Machinist* (Brad Anderson)
2004 The Sea Inside* (Alejandro Amenabar)

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